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UDF Mounted Quattro Four-Tire Inflation System

UDF Mounted Quattro Four-Tire Inflation System

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Add a mounted multi-tire inflation system to any vehicle with any interior mounted compressor. 

Using proprietary brass fittings custom designed for multi-tire inflation systems, and found nowhere else, the Quattro Mounted system allows you to plumb your mounted compressor to 2 quick-release chucks - one located under each seat. This part of the system stays mounted in your vehicle.

From there, just attach one fitting to each side of the vehicle (shown in pictures) which is routed to two air chucks. Sit back and let your compressor do the work, and when you're done, stow your exterior hoses in the included UDF C-Bag. 

• Air chucks compatible with any valve stem (even the rapid-deflate ones)

• Created with all brass hardware for durability and longevity

• No flimsy plastic quick connect fittings - we only use custom brass splitters and reusable brass barb hose fittings with ferrules

• Durable braided polyurethane hose rated for 300PSI

• Route interior air lines from your mounted compressor to the shown under-seat locations. Can be routed easily under the carpet or under trim panels in JLs / JTs - whichever suits your needs best

• Includes UDF C-Bag for stowage of exterior hoses when not in use

Advantages of a Multi-Tire Inflation System

Employing a multi-tire inflation system is significantly faster than relying on a single air hose.

Most air compressors output more air than a single schrader valve can handle (~2 Cubic Feet per minute). This excess air pressure, when channeled through a single hose, goes to waste, rendering the process inefficient and overworks your compressor.

In contrast, the UDF Quattro multi-tire inflation system allows for the simultaneous inflation of multiple tires, optimizing the available CFM from your compressor. 

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