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UDF Quattro Four-Tire Inflation System

UDF Quattro Four-Tire Inflation System

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UDF Quattro Four-Tire Inflation System

Compatible with mounted or portable compressors!

Employing a multi-tire inflation system is significantly faster than relying on a single air hose.

Most air compressors output more air than a single schrader valve can handle (~2 Cubic Feet per minute). This excess air pressure, when channeled through a single hose, goes to waste, rendering the process inefficient and overworks your compressor.

In contrast, the UDF Quattro multi-tire inflation system allows for the simultaneous inflation of multiple tires, optimizing the available CFM from your compressor. 

Air up 4 times as fast and decrease wear and tear on your compressor


• Inflate or deflate 1-4 tires simultaneously

• Built in digital pressure gauge

• Hybrid rubber hose is extremely durable and won't kink

• Brass fittings for durability and longevity

• Includes UDF C-Bag for storage

• This system is designed for portable compressors but can be used with mounted compressors with available extension

• An adapter may be required for your compressor, please contact us if you are not sure

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