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UDF Quattro Reel - Multi Tire Inflation System Preorder

UDF Quattro Reel - Multi Tire Inflation System Preorder

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PREORDERS ONLY - Preorders will ship mid December


The most compact, ergonomic, and simple to use multi-tire inflation system.

The industry’s first hose-reel compatible air hose with four air chucks for multi-tire inflation. Unwind the hose, quickly attach the four air chucks to your tires, and when you're done, roll it all back up in a neat and convenient package.


Mounting Options

Currently, the UDF Quattro Hose Reel is available with JL 4-door and 2-door specific roll bar mounts. The mounting options will soon be expanded to include a wide-variety of off-road vehicles. 



Aside from being used with hard-mounted compressors, the Quattro hose reel is also designed to be used portably with compressors that attach directly to the battery with alligator clamps for power. Once you're done airing up, quickly roll up the hose and stuff it under your seat. The ultimate in convenience compared to traditional multi-tire inflation systems on the market today.



The Quattro hose reel uses a standard male industrial style (also known as Type D or I/M style) quick connect air fitting. This will mate to the reciprocal female connector from your air compressor. Depending on your compressor set up, you may need to install additional air line from your compressor to reach the reel. If you have any questions about compatibility or installation procedures, please feel free to reach out on our contact page. 

Patent pending. 

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